General Information

All apps in the Purple DS Manager are built with a so-called Build-Template. To ensure that your apps are always technically up-to-date, we publish regularly updated Build-Templates.

Make sure that you always build your apps with the latest Build-Template. This way you also benefit from the constant innovations and improvements (e.g. bug fixes). Information about the Build-Template versions can be found in our Release Notes.


With the following steps, you can change the build template of your app

  1. Call up your app in the Purple DS Manager.
  2. In the menu item Basic Settings in the sub-item Build-Template select the latest version - the highest version number is the most recent.
  3. Scroll down and click Save.
  4. The overview page will then be displayed. There you still have to click Build App to rebuild your app.

Wait a few minutes until the app has been built with the new Build-template. We recommend that you first build a preview version of the app with the new Build Template version. This way you can test the new features extensively. 

For the submit you'll need to build a release app, which you can then upload to the App Store as usual ("re-submit").